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July 23, 2022

When You Remember Who You Are, Life Begins To Open Up With Maria Jordan

When You Remember Who You Are, Life Begins To Open Up With Maria Jordan

Join me for a conversation with Maria Jordan, The Wise Woman Coach.   

Maria is a Midlife Transformation Coach and helps women experiencing big life transitions, who have lost sight of who they are! 

She guides them through their unique journey from Lost to Found; to remember the woman they once were AND discover the woman they are becoming. So, they emerge feeling confident, empowered and with a strong sense of self.

As a child, Maria was persistently bullied which resulted in low self-worth and a particularly detrimental people-pleasing habit! In her forties, Maria underwent what she now fondly refers to as “the great unravelling;” experienced through the loss of her career, home, bereavement, and divorce. This was the catalyst for her spiritual awakening and rebirth.

The priceless gift within such loss was that through inner work and healing, Maria finally found herself! 

She discovered that she is a sensitive soul who feels things deeply and decided to fully embrace this gift to help herself and positively impact the lives of other women.

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