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Such Personal Stories!

I love hearing about how people can experience loss yet manage to find a new normal and experience life after loss. Such powerful interviews! Much Love, Miss Alissa 💗⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Podcast offers such great topics that are relatable.

I listen weekly and the topics and guests are just amazing. I highly recommend the most recent which is a two part series. The guest is Ashley McCombs Mizell who suddenly went blind after being diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. She is a mom of three boys. Her strength and courage through learning her new normal stopped me in my tracks. Listen to her story and subscribe to this podcast. You will not be disappointed.

Perfect way to start my day

I love these right-sized inspirational podcasts! They are just the right length to accompany me on my commute to work. The guests are fantastic and Marianne has a way of asking the questions I’m thinking.

Great listen!

Such lovely insight. Thank you sharing your lovely “messages” ❤️ I loved the episode with Katrina McGhee and designing your life with intentions. She said “it’s ok to fail and failing actually gets you closer to your success”. Love that inspiration!

Good Conversations!

Marianne has such a calming voice. Such good conversations at a time they are much needed. Her episode with Dr. Brittany Claiborne is very inspiring and uplifting.

Great listen!

Such lovely insight. Thank you sharing your lovely “messages” ❤️

Rated Top 10 Podcasts by TCB

Marianne's insightful wisdom, wit and humor come together in this podcast. When you sit down with with her, she instantly puts you at ease, while taking a deeper dive into each topic. It's like sitting down with an old friend and sharing life's incredible journey. This podcast should be on everyone's playlist.

Inspiring conversations for personal development

Marianne’s enthusiasm and curiosity shine through in her wonderful interviews with folks. I also love her calm, lovely voice and authentic style. Great podcast!

Love everything about this podcast!

I recently read Carry on Warrior and related with many topics in the book. I love how Marianne chose certain nuggets to discuss. Her voice is so soothing to listen to and I felt so relaxed! I love podcasts and cannot wait for the next one to be available. Excited to learn and explore new books and topics. Great job Marianne!!!!

Soothing, motivational lessons

I love how Marianne brings insightful lessons that help me on my life journey. Her voice and insights are a wonderful mix of soothing and motivational. I’m grateful she is sharing with us on these podcasts.