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Oct. 8, 2022

What Can We Learn About Living, From The Dying With Dr. Kathy Zhang

What Can We Learn About Living, From The Dying With Dr. Kathy Zhang

  • What can the living, learn from the dying?  
  • What are five phrases we can use with someone who is dying, someone we love, or on ourselves?  
  • How can we close the gap between our expectations of how things should be vs how things really are?  

If you would like to dig into these questions, join me as I talk with Dr. Luyi Kathy Zhang.  

Dr. Zhang is a hospice & palliative care physician, mindset & life coach, an author and the host of The Purpose Filter podcast which helps living people apply dying lessons before it’s too late.

Kathy’s transformational coaching style is a direct reflection of who she is: half compassionate, nurturing and soothing healer who cares for the dying and half no-nonsense, straight-talking Brooklyn native who tells it like it is—all with love and growth in mind. 

Her mission is to empower overwhelmed and directionless high-achieving professionals to break past limitations, live authentically and become the version of themselves they most want to be, while doing it with fun and ease. 

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