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June 25, 2022

The Psychology of Health Transformation & Behavior Change with Matty Lansdown

The Psychology of Health Transformation & Behavior Change with Matty Lansdown

Join me for a discussion with Matty Lansdown.  A scientist, functional nutritionist and health coach that specializes in weight loss and self- confidence for professional women and busy mothers. 

Matty has a pretty interesting background, he started out in the field of nutritional epigenetics and spent many years working in hospitals as part of a disease research team. Through that work, Matty developed the core belief that the vast majority of disease and illness is not due to bad luck or genetic predisposition but as a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices, and for many people that lead to weight gain and low self-worth.

"After working with hundreds of clients and speaking to thousands of people at retreats, conferences and summits, Matty uncovered the real challenge people have when it comes to being healthy, which isn’t about calories or kale, but in fact mindset and behavior change. 

Having been on his own personal development journey and changing the trajectory of his own life, Matty is now super-passionate about showing people how to level up their body and their mind so that healthy habits and the right food choices are easy and natural. 

Matty has also been invited to deliver lectures and seminars on a range of topics including Intermittent Fasting, Diet and Disease, High-End Nutrition, Mindset, Belief and behavior change, stress management and sleep optimization, including several appearances at Sydney Convention Centre and Ultimate Business Detox. He is regularly invited to international retreats, summits and conferences as a coach, panelist and speaker." 

In addition to all of that, "Matty hosts a weekly podcast called “How to NOT Get Sick and Die’, where he delivers free weekly insights in relation to current developments in the world of health, nutrition and human optimization, offering the latest advice on how your diet and lifestyle can directly affect your energy, focus, self-confidence and overall well being.

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