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Aug. 6, 2022

Marianne's take on Just a Thought by Dr. Amy Johnson

Marianne's take on Just a Thought by Dr. Amy Johnson
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For those of you following along with our book choices in the Private Face Book Group you know that we have been reading Just a Thought by Dr. Amy Johnson.  Just a Thought is a self-help book that teaches us that our minds are like machines, like computers.  They constantly spit out repetitive stories. They love to replay the past and predict the future. They have conviction over their beliefs. Our minds love drama and exaggeration. Our minds live to create identities for us and then work like crazy to provide evidence that supports those identities and to filter out any evidence that contradicts those identities.   Our minds lie!  It doesn’t matter who you are, our minds fundamentally work the same.  Yes we all have different experiences, and some of the details of our stories are different, but in general the functionality of our minds is the same.