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Oct. 15, 2022

How Can Yoga Help Us Deal with Grief?

How Can Yoga Help Us Deal with Grief?

Learn how Yoga is not just about physical poses, but also incorporates relationship with self and others and how using these modalities can help with emotional regulation, confidence building, and connection.

My discussion is with Page Park, the owner of Tulsi Rose Yoga where Page helps people navigate their body and emotions through yoga, meditation, and breath work.  She uses these modalities to create a space where clients can get in touch with their inner voice and learn to listen to their bodies to meet their own individualized needs. 

We will discuss:

  • The concept of Grief Yoga
  • How Yoga doesn’t have to looked at in just the conventional way (physical poses) and that there are many components of Yoga.  
  • How can Yoga practices make us better at tuning in and listening to our bodies
  • How Yoga philosophies help with mindfulness and improve confidence, attitude and how we handle challenges
  • How Yoga can be an effective tool for children

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