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Sept. 24, 2022

Healing Your Relationship with Food and Exercise

Healing Your Relationship with Food and Exercise

Erin Tusa is an integrated holistic health and strength coach based in Guelph Ontario, Canada. After her own 100 pound all or nothing weight loss "rollercoaster", Erin developed a holistic model of both coaching and training that helps people heal their relationship with food and exercise without needing more discipline and willpower. Erin empowers clients to understand that their eating and exercise issues actually have very little to do with the food, and MORE to do with how physically and emotionally SAFE they feel inside and out.

Erin’s personal story with chronic back pain, orthorexia and self-sabotage have given her a unique empathy and compassion for helping her clients. Erin hopes to help clients understand that their bad habits are actually protective and she works to help clients bridge the gap from "knowing what to do" - to actually following through and doing it - using the evidence principles of her Soul Hunger Method program; a "truce" with food and fitness.

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