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Jan. 21, 2023

Getting Hit By A Bus Changes The Way You See Life - with Charlene Gethons

Getting Hit By A Bus Changes The Way You See Life - with Charlene Gethons
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How many times have you said you felt like you got hit by a bus?  Well, my guest today actually got hit by one, not the proverbial bus, an actual bus!  

Today I speak with Charlene Gethons a psychotherapist, mindfulness coach & brain injury survivor. Charlene’s goal is to empower female entrepreneurs in creating sustainable businesses that fit their lifestyle, without letting imposter syndrome take over. Using mindfulness practices & therapeutic techniques, her clients learn how to trust themselves so that they can feel more confident in their work and in their decision making.

 Charlene has a pretty amazing story and has gained perspective, insight, and strategy for living more mindfully.  In this episode we explore:  

  • Learning to bring yourself back to “in the moment thinking” vs catastro-fi-zing. 
  • Ideas about how someone can stop worrying about things they can’t control?
  • Managing our own expectations, and learning to be satisfied with what is vs what we thought it would be or should be?
  •  Impostor Syndrome, what is it, what does it look like in day-to-day life, and how can we overcome it?
  • How to bring more mindfulness into our daily lives.

Connect with Charlene:

Your Meditation toolkit for a calmer mind (themindfulnessjourney.com)

How to Create a Sustainable Business While Living With Chronic Illness (themindfulnessjourney.com)

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