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April 8, 2023

Do You Want To Create A Life You Love, Instead Of One You Tolerate? - A Discussion With Whole Life Coach Lauren Lemieux

Do You Want To Create A Life You Love, Instead Of One You Tolerate?  - A Discussion With Whole Life Coach Lauren Lemieux
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Are you living your best life, one you thrive in, that lights you up, or are you lving the life that was expected of you, one you tolerate? Join me as I talk with Whole Life Coach Lauren Leduc Lemieux who works with people who feel stuck, fed up and frustrated with where they are in life, either professionally, personally or both. 

In this episode we will explore:

  • How to find the courage and confidence to create a life you love, instead of living one you tolerate.
  • Why most people stay in the life they are not fully aligned with.
  • Why thinking a dream job is the only way to let your passions be fulfilled is a fallacy.
  • Why working with someone can make a big difference.
  • The difference in types of coaching and who else you can work with if a coach is not right for you.
  • How to challenge yourself if you're stuck in your fear.
  • Learning to trust your discontent, release your sense of obligation and own your truth. 

Prior to becoming a certified coach, Lauren worked in a family business for nearly 20 years. When she left, many described her departure as a midlife crisis while Lauren calls it harnessing her midlife confidence. This decision to leave served as the catalyst for her to stop settling and live her life on her terms.

 Lauren lives in Acushnet, Massachusetts with her husband, daughter and dog and enjoys going on nature walks, listening to podcasts, playing cribbage and watching sports.

 Education, Coaching Certifications & Affiliations

  • CoActive Training Institute, 2013
  • Professional Certified Coaching Credential (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation 
  • Member of the Institute of Coaching
  • BA in Humanities and Social Studies, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

 You can reach Lauren L. Lemieux, PCC, CPCC

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